Our Walk-In Tubs

Whether you are looking for a hydrotherapy tub or an anti-slip setup, Hamner’s Remodeling  has the right design for your needs. Work with us to learn more about the benefits of walk-in tubs and start on your design today.
Custom-built walk-in bathtubs that have the lowest step-in height of any other product: Only 0-2 1/2 inches. While most walk-in tubs have a 6-9″ step-in, our proprietary frameless design allows us to produce safe tubs that offer a much lower step-in height.

  • Tubs come in various sizes and, because they are created from custom designs, they can be made to fit bathrooms of any size and shape.
  • We offer our tubs with a host of available features and options, like Aromatherapy and Ozone Cleaning that can be customized to suit your individual bathing needs.
  • Tubs are designed with an easy-to-use latch and a well-made door seal is backed a Leak Proof Guarantee.
  • Our bathtubs are coated in a glossy, Marine Grade finish that lends our tubs a gorgeous shine while resisting bacterial growth.
  • Featuring an ADA compliant 17″ high seat and slip-resistant floor, our tubs are easy to sit and move in and out of.
  • The seats offer an adjustable Bidet jet option.
  • Tubs are built with an automatic system that dries out the lines each time a tub is used, preventing mold, bacteria, and mildew growth.
  • Special door design allows for easy closing from a sitting position.
  • Tubs are designed to drain in 2-2 1/2 minutes.
  • The effectiveness may vary depending on the quality of the plumbing system in the home in which the bathtub is installed.
  • Tub owners may elect to include the Ozone Water Purification System, which is designed to remove harmful bacteria from the water.
  • Our walk-in bathtubs can be designed to include 18 hydro air jets, 10 water jets, or a custom combination.
  • They are usually installed around the seat back, but the positioning can be customized.
  • Tub maintenance is easy as the front panels of our tubs are removable.